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Brachioplasty or Arm Lift

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Whenever I think about arm lifts I think about that deodorant commercial for Sure where the people who are confident are doing the wave at the baseball game, waving to their friends in a tank top and having a good time. In Palm Beach, most of my arm lift patients are concerned about their tennis stroke or golf swing. Regardless of the reason, if the appearance of your arms affects the style of clothes that you wear or your confidence, than an arm lift or brachioplasty might be right for you. Many patients have extra fat on the underside of their arm that can be coolsculpted or liposuctioned with an excellent result. For those that have too much extra skin, a brachioplasty can remove the excess skin and re-shape your arms to make them toned and contoured. During a brachioplasty the scar to remove the extra skin is placed on the inside of the arm so that it is not visible during most arm movements or at rest.

With coolsculpting there is no downtime and with liposuction there are no movement restrictions, you will just need to wear a compressive garment. After brachioplasty most patients can return to work after one week although heavy lifting should be minimized for the first 4-6 weeks. No drains are needed. Call our office for a free cosmetic consultation to discuss what treatment option would be best for you.

Dr. Andrea Hass explains why a browlift might be recommended with or without upper lid surgery.

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