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Brazilian Butt lift

The Brazilian Butt lift is fast becoming one of the most popular procedures in America and Palm Beach County is no exception. During a Brazilian butt lift liposuction of the back and flanks is performed shaping the top of your buttock, and then the fat obtained from the liposuction is injected into the buttock to give it more shape and volume. The combination of the liposuction and the fat grafting give a curvaceous outline to the torso emphasizing that classic hourglass shape. Liposuction can additionally be performed anywhere else that you have excess fat to give so that you can obtain the maximum result possible. The final result will depend on how much fat you have available to transfer, your skin elasticity, skin laxity and pelvic bone shape.

I find that many patients are often confused about what the difference is between a Brazilian butt lift and a traditional butt lift. The traditional butt lift is also called a lower body lift and when combined with a tummy tuck is often called a belt lipectomy. The traditional butt lift is designed to remove extra sagging skin while hiding the scar along the beltline. The Brazilian butt lift is done with only small 5mm incisions that are nearly imperceptible when fully healed such that no one could ever tell if you ever had plastic surgery. They will just see the result.

The post operative care is crucial to the end result. You cannot sit on your buttock for 3 weeks after the surgery to ensure that the shaping remains perfect and to allow the optimal environment for the fat cells to survive. When sitting you want to place a pillow or support below the buttocks along your hamstrings so that the weight of your body is on your thighs and not the buttock itself. There are many companies that provide pillows now specifically for this purpose, one of which is www.thebootybuddy.com. You can look at their website for more information. You will also need to sleep on your stomach and wear a special compressive garment that we will provide.

Long term satisfaction with this procedure is excellent.

My surgery gave me an amazing boost of confidence - I feel like I'm putting my best foot forward every day! Thanks to the whole team at Hass Plastic Surgery! You all rock!

Amy T., Tequesta, FL.