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Breast Revision

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There are many reasons why someone may need or desire a breast revision after a breast augmentation. One of the most common reasons is that someone just wants to be a different size. Going larger is usually very simple, but going smaller may mean that you will need a breast lift, called a mastopexy, to maintain a well shaped breast. Below are a few more details on the types of breast revision.

Breast Lift :

A woman's breast can change over time, often losing firmness and a youthful shape or height. This can be due to pregnancies, nursing, weight fluctuation, gravity, hereditary makeup or aging. The same processes happen as women age regardless of whether or not they have a breast augmentation. As a result many have implants that are in a good position but the skin is falling off the breast mound (the implant) This requires a standard mastopexy procedure which removes excess skin and places the nipple back over the center of the implant, where it should be.

Implant Malposition/Internal Bra :

Over time implants can change position in the body. Most commonly implants migrate down or to the side. When the implants migrate down this can also cause what is called a "double bubble" deformity. In a double bubble deformity part of the implant is above and part is below the fold of the breast creating an unnatural contour. To fix this the we form an internal bra with stitches inside the body to re-position in the implant in the proper location.

Implant exchange at Hass Plastic Surgery

Capsular Contracture

When a breast implant is placed in the body we form a scar around the implant which holds it in position. However, sometimes that scar gets too thick and squeezes the implant causing firmness, deformity and even pain. This is called capsular contracture. It is unclear why capsular contracture develops in some patients and not others but we do know that if you do develop capsular contracture, that you are more likely to get it again. For these women, they often go through a frustrating cycle of having an implant revision that restores a soft breast and then a year or two later it becomes hard again. Fortunately, there are now new techniques that are breaking the cycle. At Harvard we were commonly using a product called "acellular dermal matrix" or ADM for short to help in reconstructing breasts after breast cancer. What we learned through this experience was that when an ADM was used, the patients were having fewer complications with capsular contracture. We are now bringing this new technique to cosmetic patients. There are many styles of ADM on the market including Alloderm and Belloderma, but the most important component is how they are placed in the breast pocket during surgery.

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