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Brow & Forehead Lift

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No facial evaluation is complete without consideration of the brow. As we age, the brow tends to descend over time due to the effects of gravity as well as the downward pull of facial expressions when we frown or squint. This can easily create an angry look or contribute to the appearance of upper lid hooding.

During our consultation, we always evaluate the brow position and how it plays a role in achieving each patient's desired results. Sometimes the Botox Brow Lift is enough to improve the brow position. The Botox Brow Lift involves careful placement of Botox targeting the muscles that pull down on the brow, allowing the muscles that lift the brow to become relatively stronger. In this scenario, regular use of Botox can actually slow down the rate at which the brow descends naturally.

When Botox no longer does the trick, or in the case of significant brow ptosis (ptosis is Latin for 'droop'), a brow lift may be required. There are three approaches to lifting the brow - the traditional coronal brow lift, the anterior hairline brow lift and the minimally invasive endoscopic brow lift.

In our practice, we prefer the endoscopic brow lift whenever the patient is a good candidate for this approach. This procedure involves five small incisions in the hair line and this minimally invasive lift is performed using an endoscope and long slender instruments. This works best for the patient who has a low or normal hairline and is desirous of a moderate amount of lift.

The endoscopic approach may not be the best option for patients who either have a high hairline or who require significant lifting of the brow. For those patients we offer a modified version of the traditional brow lift, done in a way to minimize the upward displacement of the hairline.

Come see us for a personal evaluation so we can help you determine which approach is best for you.

Dr. Andrea Hass explains why a browlift might be recommended with or without upper lid surgery.

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