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Chin Augmentation Surgery

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Mastering the art of facial aesthetics is about balancing all of the different elements of the face. For example, a small chin can look cute with a small nose, but a large nose with small chin is often perceived as unaesthetic. Most often, as plastic surgeons, we find ourselves reducing the size of the nose or taking down the dorsal hump on a woman, and a small chin augmentation is the finishing touch that makes it just right.

In men, a prominent chin provides a more "chiseled" or sexy look. George Clooney is a great example of this. Jay Leno is probably too much.

Chin augmentation can also be used to restore what you once lost. As we age our skin loosens, our muscles weaken and our bones shrink! In conjunction with a facelift, a chin augmentation adds to a more youthful look, restoring what used to be a defined jaw line while tightening the skin in this region. Adding a chin implant can also be used in place of fillers in this region.

Chin augmentation discussed by Dr. Brian Hass

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