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Breast Lift Surgery in West Palm Beach

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The Breast Lift Procedure

A woman's breast can change over time, often losing firmness and a youthful shape or height. This can be due to pregnancies, nursing, weight fluctuation, gravity, aging, hereditary makeup or even prior breast surgeries. A mastopexy, whether it is minimal with a crescent lift, or more extensive, with the lollipop or standard style lift, is designed to raise the breasts by removing excess skin. The goal is to reshape the breast to be more youthful, sometimes making the aerolas smaller, and then tightening the surrounding breast skin to support and recontour the new breast shape.

When Dr. Brian Hass does the breast lift procedure he will put the breast tissues into a more youthful position, and in some cases make the breasts smaller if the patient is also looking for a reduction. For those who want a more fuller look to the top of their breasts, especially for those who have lost breast volume, a mastopexy might also be performed with a breast augmentation. All of these breast lift options would be discussed at your consultation so you get the look you desire.

Dr. Brian Hass explains different types of breast lift surgeries, with and without implants.

Types of breast lifts


A crescent lift may be recommended when a patient needs a very minor nipple lift when doing a breast augmentation. It's a short procedure added onto their breast augmentation surgery that gives the nipples a more even or lifted look. An ellipse of skin is removed from the top part of the nipple leaving a minimal scar that is generally not noticeable once healing is complete. The final look gives the breast a very youthful and shapely appearance further enhancing the breast implant placement. Because patients often have one breast larger than the other, this lift can often complement breast augmentation with much less scarring than a more traditional breast lift.


This type of lift can be performed with or without implants and also helps enhance a more youthful breast shape. Excess skin is removed through an incision around the areola and down the middle of the breast. When done in conjunction with a breast augmentation, this type of lift gives the breast a gentle lift while also removing some of the excess sagging skin. Although there are more incisions than the cresscent lift, most patients find the scars heal beautifully and are not noticeable over time. Keep in mind, that at Hass Plastic Surgery, Dr. Brian Hass can give you solutions to help a patient's scar diminish so they become virtually invisible. Scar care is always part of our follow-up with any surgery.


This type of lift is more traditional and gives a patient more lift especially if they have excess skin and heavier sagging in their breasts. Although the incisions are also around the areola and down the middle of the breast, there is also an incision in the fold of the breast to remove excess skin therefore providing a more dynamic lift to the breast. Patients can include a breast augmentation at the same time, if what they desire is a fuller upper breast, however in many cases patients are happy as this lift decreases the sagginess and droop and gives a shapely lift. Incisions for this lift are similar to those of a breast reduction, yet significant breast tissue is recontoured rather than removed in order to give the breast its more youthful look.

Whatever breast lift you desire, the ultimate goal is to have more beautiful breasts. Let our doctors and staff in Palm Beach Gardens help you achieve your new look with the right cosmetic breast surgery for you. See our videos to hear more about cosmetic breast surgery in West Palm Beach, Florida.

How should I prepare for cosmetic surgery?

The first important step in planning for cosmetic surgery is to gather information. A consultation with a physician is the most direct way to learn the basics: such as which procedure will give you your desired result; how much recovery time is needed; and certainly the cost.

Once you’ve decided on a surgical plan, the next important step is to plan ahead. Recovery times and post-operative limitations vary according to surgery and are an important part of determining when you should have your procedures. Often the most difficult part of planning is finding a period of time that you can devote to recovery. Please don’t underestimate the importance of this. A low stress recovery period is key to having an easy experience both physically and mentally!

Quitting smoking is helpful at any time, but especially important in anticipation of certain surgeries, (i.e. face and neck lifts, tummy tucks, breast lifts or reductions). Give yourself enough time to quit and allow the nicotine to clear your system. Have your blood pressure checked and treated especially if it is higher than 130/85. Last, but not least, stop all aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, vitamins and supplements for at least two weeks prior to surgery to minimize bruising and bleeding.

Dr. A, Dr. B and Dr. Mike are by far the most talented and kind hearted people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!! They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and welcome.