What is a gummy bear implant? They sound delicious.

Unfortunately you can't eat a gummy bear breast implant, but they can enhance your breasts. When breast implants were first created they were more of a solid silicone and were very firm. Patients didn't like the way they felt so they created liquid silicone implants in a thin shell. These felt great but had multiple problems with liquid silicone leaking throughout the body if there was a rupture. Thus, the gummy bear implant was born. Essentially all silicone implants now are "gummy bear" implants because they have a cohesive gel filling. They are solid enough not to leak if ruptured but soft enough to have a great feel. Different styles and brands of implant have different amounts of "cohesiveness" and thus some are more soft and some are more firm. Round implants are usually softer and "anatomic" or "shaped" implants are more firm because they need to maintain a specific shape. These new implants are safe and allow for a great longstanding result that could last decades. Choosing the right implant for you is a mix of patient preference and your individual anatomy. This is why most plastic surgeons take measurements of your breasts at your pre-operative appointment to make sure that the implant is going to fit your body. If you have a question about what type of implant would be right for you, come by our office for a free cosmetic consultation to learn more. You can also follow us on Instagram @hassplasticsurgery where we will be starting a video blog answering some common questions about plastic surgery.

Posted by Dr Michael Fredrick