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Why Real Men Wear Pink…

 I became involved in breast and ovarian cancer awareness 16 years ago when my sister was diagnosed with the BRCA gene and Stage 3C ovarian cancer. Since that time so much has changed. Genetic testing for mutations like the BRCA gene have become commonplace and a marker for ovarian cancer, the CA-125 test, is now known by physicians and taught in medical school. My sister had symptoms for over a year before someone thought to test her for ovarian cancer despite knowing that her mother had the BRCA gene. By then it was too late… and that is why awareness among the public and among doctors is so important.

As a plastic surgeon in Palm Beach County I, like many of you,  are involved in multiple charities and non-profits, but this one is dear to me. If you would like to help please come to my events:

 On October 18th I am having a Happy Hour at Twisted Trunk with specialty “Pink” food from the Silver Spork food truck, my friend Rob Arrington from the YouTube channel Dear Meat for Dinner will be there raffling off a fishing trip and there will be more fun prizes, raffles and games.

On October 24th Camelot will host my Real Men Wear Pink party in downtown West Palm Beach. Specialty Pink Cocktails will be served, plus there will be raffle prizes, complimentary appetizers from Kapow and a special performance by a Pink (the artist) impersonator.

If you can’t make the events please consider a donation by going to my webpage: or you’re welcome to stop by our office. All contributions are tax deductible. …And of course,  during the month of October, …WEAR PINK!