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Skin Care Products in West Palm Beach, FL

The team of board-certified plastic surgeons at Hass Plastic Surgery & MediSpa understands the needs of your skin, and they have hand-selected high-quality skin care products for men and women in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas of Florida.

Skin Care Products in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, FL

With all the skincare products on the market today, it’s almost impossible to know what to purchase that will do what we want for our skin. At Hass Plastic Surgery and Medispa we have searched through them all so that you know you are getting the best Cosmeceuticals.

What are Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are professional skincare products which bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These are not your standard over the counter products because they require a prescription from a trained physician. The measure of a good skincare products is whether it has scientific evidence to back up its claims and whether or not it is used by skincare professionals.

Should I be using Skincare?

Absolutely! Skin care is important for everyone. A good skincare regimen should be matched to your age, skin type and the problem areas you would like to treat. For younger people, a preventative skincare routine is good to prevent premature aging and sun damage. If your skin has already started to show signs of aging, cosmeceuticals can help slow down the aging process, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone. If you experience a specific skin condition such as acne or rosacea, a variety of specialized skincare solutions are available. Investing in a good skincare routine will really help improve and protect your skin. We at Hass Plastic Surgery & Medispa offer several professional skincare lines and products that our patients love because of the beautiful results they’ve attained.

What Skin Care Products Are Offered at Hass Plastic Surgery & MediSpa?

  • Obagi®: Our most popular skin care products, Obagi® is a well-respected name in the field of professional skin care. The products work alone or in combination. Choose from cleansers, peels, moisturizers, sunscreen, toners, and much more!
  • PCA skin®: PCA skin® is our second most popular line of professional skin care. The foundation of the masks, cleansers, toners, and serums is pure science. Your skin looks healthier because it is healthier.
  • Elta MD®: For a full range of skin care and sun protection, we may recommend products from the Elta MD® line. The products are highly recommended for use after your cosmetic treatments when your body benefits from a boost in healing.
  • SkinMedica®: SkinMedica® is one of the most recognized name in professional skin care. Based upon decades of scientific research, the products harness the healing properties of your body to correct lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage and other common skin concerns.
  • BioCorneum®: BioCorneum® is a special silicone sheeting that is used for scar revision. Our patients find that using this silicone sheeting can help reduce the appearance of scars after cosmetic surgery.

Your Complimentary Skin Care Products Consultation

Find out which of our exceptional skin care products are right for you! Schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. After you understand your recommended regimen, you can purchase products at our reception desk. We prefer that you call ahead to order your products. Financing is available for your skin care products through CareCredit® and Alphaeon® Credit.

Does your skin care give you the results that you imagine? If you are unhappy with the results, maybe it’s time to learn about professional skin care products. The team of board-certified plastic surgeons at Hass Plastic Surgery & MediSpa offers skin care products for men and women in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas of Florida. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary medical spa consultation.

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