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Can I eliminate circles around my eyes?

Dark Circles under the eyes

Circles under the eyes cannot be fully eliminated. This pigmentation is often genetic and there is not much you can do without a good concealer. However, there are some options to help.

Age contributes to some of the shadows since this skin thins as we get older often exposing tiny blood vessels. Sometimes IPL laser can offer minor improvement and a chemical peel may tighten skin somewhat.  Another avenue may be surgical with a lower lid eyelift. This may help eliminate bags that are prolapsed fat from the eye socket. These fat pads can create shadows when the bags are severe, thus making circles look worse. The Plastic Surgery involves removing/repositioning fat and removing excess skin. This combination lessens the shadows and it will become easier to use concealer.

Some people may opt for filler injections under the eyes thinking this will correct the contours, but be very careful!  This is very technique-dependent and when not done well will lead to even more puffiness and a very unnatural appearance. I do not tend to recommend this option as I have seen too many patients who have been improperly overfilled who now seek my help for correction. If this happens, I can dissolve the filler with an enzyme treatment and then we can move forward with the proper approach. For a consultation on your best eyelid correction options, call our office for a complimentary cosmetic consultation at 561-624-7777.

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