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Body Lift in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Body Lift for men and women | Hass PlasticSurgery in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Life-Changing Solutions After Excessive Weight Loss

When you lose considerable weight via surgical weight-loss treatment, your skin may droop and sag because you lost weight quicker than your skin could recover, or your skin lacks elasticity. A body lift is comparable to a mommy makeover in that it entails numerous procedures all at once with just one recovery time. Our highly skilled surgeons at Hass Plastic Surgery have extensive expertise in Body Lifts in Palm Beach Gardens as well as other cosmetic and reconstructive operations. Furthermore, as your body gets lifted and shaped, our specialized team of plastic surgeons will guide you through your aesthetic journey.

What is a Body Lift?

It’s all in the approach.

A Body Lift is a procedure that removes extra fat and skin from specific parts of your body. Your doctor will assess which approach will provide the best results for you during your consultation and evaluation. Based on your anatomy, your surgeon will explore one of three options.

Lower Body

Lower Body Lifts include butt lifts, outer thigh lifts, tummy tucks, panniculectomy, which removes the lower apron of your skin, or a monsplasty, which tightens the region of fatty tissue positioned between the public bone and genitals—also known as the mons pubis.

Upper Body

An arm lift, back lift, breast lift/augmentation, and liposuction are combined in the Upper Body Lift to offer you an entirely shaped upper body.

Full Body

The Full Body Lift procedure comprises both a lower and upper body lift, although the operations are spaced over many months to allow adequate healing.

Am I a good candidatefor a Body Lift?

You’ve worked hard for this opportunity.

It's critical that you're in excellent health and don't smoke. You may be an unlikely candidate for a Body Lift if you have major medical illnesses, including diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, or other chronic conditions that might impede your ability to heal. Patients who have recently lost weight must maintain their weight for at least six months in order for your surgeon to determine how much extra skin has to be removed.

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Your Body Lift Procedure

Stellar results are just around the corner.

At our office in Palm Beach Gardens Body Lift procedures usually take four to five hours in total. You will be under general or IV anesthesia during your surgery. Your surgeon will close your incisions with dissolvable sutures once your procedure is completed.

Body Lift Recovery

Prepare to have help handy.

Arrangements should be made prior to your Body Lift to have assistance with getting home and help at home for the next two to four weeks. Your doctor will recommend you take two to four weeks off work to recuperate fully. Additionally, you will need to avoid exercise or have modified activity for six to eight weeks. To prevent swelling and fluid accumulation, you'll need to wear your compression garments to avoid excess fluid and swelling.

Body Lift Results

A Lifetime of results

You will be given precise post-operative instructions on caring for your incisions. It might take up to three to six months to go back to your typical schedule, depending on the degree of the operation. While you may see that your extra skin has been removed, the swelling will take three to six months to diminish, and the incision scars may take up to a year to vanish. Your benefits will last a lifetime, but you must sustain a steady weight. Your skin and body will age with time, but you should see long-term improvements if you eat well and live a healthy lifestyle.

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You've put in a lot of effort to get this far. So, with a Body Lift Palm Beach Gardens patients can take the next step towards their healthy lifestyle at Hass Plastic Surgery. Our highly skilled surgeons will accompany you on your cosmetic journey and collaborate with you to attain your ideal body proportions. Schedule your appointment to learn more about how a body lift can change your outlook—inside and out.

Body LiftFrequently Asked Questions

There will be some soreness, but this is to be anticipated and is usually readily managed with pain medication your doctor will prescribe. It takes about two weeks for your pain to subside.

Swelling, numbness, scarring, bleeding at the incision sites, infection, and nerve damage are side effects of a body lift. However, this surgery is safe and effective for removing excess skin and fat.

These procedures are generally not covered by insurance. Hass Plastic Surgery provides payment and financing options for your convenience.

We built our practice on providing you with excellent guidance and exceptional results. We want you to get the best procedure for you; that’s why we offer complimentary consultations. Our team wants you to feel confident about your procedure before you undergo plastic surgery.