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it may be time to consider a Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy takes a toll on your hips, thighs, abdomen, breasts, skin, and every other area of your body. After you have your last child, it may be time to consider a Mommy Makeover. The team of plastic surgeons at Hass Plastic Surgery offers Mommy Makeovers for women in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Wellington and the surrounding areas of Florida.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Return to flattering pre-pregnancy figure

Although motherhood is wonderful, pregnancy and breastfeeding can take its toll on a woman’s body. Many women will experience a variety of physical changes (usually to the abdomen and breasts) that are difficult to reverse with diet and exercise. Pregnancy can also sometimes affect the distribution of body fat or even your skin’s complexion. Our doctors here at Hass have become very popular for Mommy Makeover in Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington and all over South Florida because of the results our patients achieve with our procedures. The procedures that go into the Mommy Makeover are a combination of patient-specific plastic surgeries or treatments that target and correct those changes your body was left with as a result of having children or weight fluctuations. The ultimate goal is to help you return to a more flattering pre-pregnancy figure. Mommy Makeover procedures at Hass Plastic Surgery might include:

About Mommy Makeoversfor Breasts

the youthful firmness, shape, and volume of the breasts

Many women lose the youthful firmness, shape, and volume of their breasts, ending up with stretch marks and droopiness. Breastfeeding duration and the number of children can make this impact significantly worse. Cosmetic procedures that can effectively address these changes include a breast augmentation, breast lift, or possibly a breast revision with implant exchange, or a breast reduction - all options that could be part of your Palm Beach Gardens Mommy Makeover!

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About Mommy Makeovers for the Tummy

even more rewarding results and a better contour overall.

Changes in the look of your abdomen following pregnancy can range from laxity and thickness to loosely hanging skin, stretch marks, and stubborn fat. In order to give you back a more sculpted and firm belly and hip area, plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tuck and liposuction, even a Brazilian Butt Lift or fat transfer can be considered. Liposuction can also be performed on other areas of your body as well such as the hips, thighs, knees, and arms to allow you to obtain even more rewarding results and a better contour overall for your Mommy Makeover.

Mommy MakeoversFrequently Asked Questions

The effects of pregnancy can cause stretching of the abdominal area and deflation of the breasts. Typical surgeries for refreshing these concerns could be a tummy tuck and breast lift with or without an augmentation or implant exchange. With the tummy tuck, excess skin and fat is removed from the belly area and often abdominal muscles are tightened. Sometimes a little liposuction is also done for the hip and flank areas. For breasts, some women will consider putting in implants, or changing out current implants, with or without a breast lift if needed in order to restore or enhance a look they never had prior to pregnancy and/or nursing.

After a Mommy Makeover Palm Beach Garden patients go home for their recovery, if they are traveling for procedures, they can stay in a local hotel, or with a friend, or nurse caregiver. Each patient is different in how they respond to pain but medications are given to ensure comfort through the recovery process. Patients can begin walking immediately after surgery, with light low-impact exercise at 4 weeks and resumption of normal activity at 8 weeks. Scars from the surgery will continue to soften and fade over the course of 2 years. We will suggest proper scar treatments for all our patients after a mommy makeover.

Patients should stop all herbal supplements, vitamins, and anti-inflammatories 2 weeks before surgery. Patients should also be at a stable weight, and not actively losing weight or on a strict diet prior to surgery. Nutrition before and after surgery are very important to healing. Protein and calories are required to heal, and without enough nutrition the incisions will heal poorly or not at all. Smoking also prevents incisions from healing, so patients must stop smoking for at least 4 weeks before surgery and at least 8 weeks after surgery.

Patients can (and should) walk the day of surgery. Light, low impact exercise such as a gentle walk is ok at 4 weeks after surgery, with resumption of intense exercise at 8 weeks.

As a mother, you deserve to look and feel your best. If you are ready to reverse the effects of pregnancy, learn more about Mommy Makeovers at Hass Plastic Surgery. Our award winning Palm Beach plastic surgeons offer Mommy Makeovers for women in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Wellington and the surrounding areas of Florida. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary Mommy Makeover consultation.

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