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I feel like I suddenly don't recognize my eyes. Is that possible?

I regularly hear patients exclaim “I was doing fine with my eyes, and all of a sudden I can't stand them”. Eyelid changes are a gradual process. It can start with a little extra skin on the upper lids or fullness on the lower lids. There can be a rare puffy day after a busy weekend, after eating salty foods, etc. Slowly these days become more frequent, showing up more easily with less stress such as after travel, a not-so-late night out, etc. And, suddenly one day, it's constant and we start to look for tricks to minimize the swelling.

This happens to men too, but since women tend to apply make-up regularly, they may notice it sooner. The age at which this begins to show varies according to genetics and lifestyle. Typically, patients first start to notice these changes starting in their 40's. Women frequently come in complaining that their eyeliner smudges or their eye shadow contouring no longer works or they can no longer conceal their bags. That's when the lid changes become intolerable.

Men have a much more direct approach to eyelid surgery. For them, it is often a business decision brought on by the need to continue to appear sharp-eyed in a competitive work environment. Comments asking if they're tired or an unexpected photograph may be the trigger that prompts their decision for surgery.

Regardless of how suddenly your eyes became intolerable, come in and talk to us. At Hass Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we'll help you look rested once again!

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