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Specialized Plastic Surgery

Everybody prefers a specialist. We take our cars to a specialist. We get our hair done by a specialist. We have our food prepared by a specialist. Wouldn’t we want our plastic surgery done by a specialist? Of course we would. This is what specialized plastic surgery means for you: We specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery; but that is really just the beginning. For over 20 years, patients from all over the world have been coming to Dr. Andrea Hass, who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the eyes as well as injectables, to give them the best possible result. And thanks to you, she now performs 25 times the number of eyelid surgeries as the typical plastic surgeon, all with impeccable results. In order to give our patients the best possible result, Dr. Brian Hass specializes in face lifts, which is often done at the time of the eyelid surgery. His reputation for beautiful, natural face lifts has led him to being one of the busiest face lift plastic surgeons in the country, performing 8 times the number of the typical plastic surgeon. Two specialists. One center. Each patient getting the best of two specialties.

Being in South Florida, the cosmetic breast surgery capital of the United States, Dr. Brian Hass naturally performs a tremendous number of breast and body cases. As much as he loves breast surgery and tummy tucks, it has been his vision for 10 years to further sub-specialize the practice for the ultimate benefit of his patients. After an exhaustive three-year search to find the best possible plastic surgeon to specialize in cosmetic breast and body surgery, our expectations have been exceeded with Dr. Brian Hass, who joined us from Harvard. He has brought some of the newest innovations in the field to add to our existing repertoire in breast augmentation, body lifts, tummy tucks, and liposuction. The response has been overwhelming. He is well on his way to becoming the go-to guy for breast and body work in Palm Beach County. We are three specialists. Still one center. Now you get the best of three specialists. Our commitment to you is:

  • We will always further refine our skills in our pursuit to be the best possible.
  • We will stay ahead of the curve on the latest techniques for the best possible outcomes for our patients.
  • We will continue to add sub-specialists to benefit you further.
  • We will bring you the best of tried, true, and tested technologies. Not fads.
  • We will not compromise on quality. Ever.
  • We will listen to you.
  • Everything we do is designed around providing you with the best possible experience, as well as surgical and Med Spa results.

We built our practice on providing you with excellent guidance and exceptional results. We want you to get the best procedure for you; that’s why we offer complimentary consultations. Our team wants you to feel confident about your procedure before you undergo plastic surgery.