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The Cure for Capsular Contracture

Breast Augmentation in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, FL

My breast augmentation looked amazing when it was first done, but now my breast have started to get hard and they're often painful and don't look the same. What's going on?

When a breast implant is placed in the body scar tissue forms around the implants to hold them in position. Sometimes that scar can get thick and may squeeze the implant causing the firmness, a shape deformity or even pain. This is called,  capsular contracture. It is unclear why capsular contracture develops in some patients and not other, but we do know that if you do develop capsular contracture you are more likely to get it again when switching out implants. For these patients, they often go through a frustrating cycle of having implant revisions to restore a soft breast and then a year or two later find their breasts become hard again.

Fortunately there are new techniques that can break that cycle. At Hass Plastic Surgery we are now able to offer a product called, “acellular dermal matrix: or ADM for short. Basically ADM is a soft tissue graft that helps preserve the intact skin matrix of the scar so upon implantation with the implant it serves as a sort-of scaffold for the implant to now adhere. The product we use, (BellaDerm) is the latest generation of allografts and was developed with Mentor Worldwide who is one of the leaders in manufacturing breast implants. It is has been proven and consistently studied to be instrumental for many patients who have complications with capsular contracture, or in some cases, for patients that have implant malposition, rippling or even wrinkling.

If you or someone you know suffers with discomfort from capsular implant contracture, call Hass Plastic Surgery & MedSpa for a complimentary cosmetic consultation to learn more.

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