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While seeking aesthetic treatments may seem as simple as an online search, it's important to find a qualified provider. The office of a plastic surgeon is one of the safest choices. Many cosmetic procedures and treatments are more complex and delicate than they might seem, and missteps can lead to permanent damage. Get your Wellington Med Spa treatment with the experts at Hass Plastic Surgery and trust the results.

Med Spa Services at Hass Plastic Surgery

With a skillful blend of artistry and quality, our entire Wellington Med Spa team at Hass Plastic Surgery is dedicated to giving each patient a relaxing, uplifting and safe experience so they can feel refreshed aesthetically and have a heightened sense of overall wellness. Doctors Brian and Andrea Hass, Dr. Kandace Kichler and Dr. Al Carlotti guide our aesthetic medical experts for safe, effective treatments so you get an outstanding outcome.

Laser Treatments

The future is now in the world of laser aesthetic treatments. See what lasers can do for you.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) PhotoFacialsLight

A tried and true method for skin rejuvenation, IPL Photofacials can address multiple challenging skin concerns, including hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, vascular lesions, and much more. Step into the light for brighter, more even skin.

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Innovative and effective, the CoolSculpting Elite technology can eliminate stubborn pockets of fat that just don't seem to go away. FDA-cleared for many areas on the body, including the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms and even under the chin, to name a few, Coolsculpting is still the #1 most recommended procedure for non-invasive fat reduction by physicians and beauty magazines worldwide.There’s no downtime and treatments are fast and easy to schedule for your busy lifestyle.

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ThermiVA is the modern answer to feminine wellness concerns. Stop hiding and start talking to our professional Wellington Med Spa team about your concerns, including incontinence, intimacy difficulties, and more.

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Sciton Forever Young BBL

The BBL is the next generation in laser therapy, and the Sciton Forever Young BBL can completely transform your skin. Regenerate and say goodbye to texture and pigmentation concerns with this cutting-edge laser treatment.

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Sciton HALO

Experience a vibrant, youthful glow with this dual-powered hybrid fractional Sciton HALO laser. Improve skin tone, texture, visible signs of aging on the skin, and boost collagen production with little downtime and quick results. See how HALO can save your skin.

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Dermal Fillers & Injectables

The new fountain of youth is often found with injectables or sometimes called the liquid facelift. Along with the astounding wrinkle-busting, volume-enhancing benefits of injectables, we can't forget about the power of the perfect pout with stunning and customizable lip fillers.

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What some might consider "the original injectable," BOTOX is a reliable neuromodulator injectable that is highly effective for wrinkle smoothing and confidence restoring. See what one of the most popular injectables on the market can do for you. Book your complimentary consultation today.

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Kybella is a targeted treatment injectable meant to reduce the appearance of a double chin and restore a more youthful jawline. Without the need for liposuction or the Coolsculpting method, Kybella can get rid of unwanted fat and tighten the skin for contoured results.

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The Juvéderm family of injectables includes a versatile array of hyaluronic facial injectables that can address just about everything. Whether it’s fine lines to deep creases and volume loss this FDA-approved, non-surgical approach provides patients with amazing facial restoration with very little downtime.

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With its thicker, hyaluronic gel-like consistency, Restylane is a highly stable and flexible injectable that can allow for effective and long-lasting volume additions to sunken or hollow areas. With the ability to address multiple significant signs of aging, Restylane is a prime option to restore facial youthfulness.

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This neuromodulator injectable freezes facial muscles and addresses dynamic wrinkles similar to BOTOX. It offers a smooth, subtle result. See forehead lines disappear after just a single Dysport session at our Med Spa in Wellington.

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Sculptra does more than fill and actually works to build and restore collagen production for ongoing results. Achieve outstanding contour and lift without the surgery and see vibrant, youthful outcomes with Sculptra.

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Renuva mimics the fat grafting method and is a unique volume restoration tool. Restore youthful volume and turn back the clock with this simple, non-surgical alternative for fat transfer and see the difference.

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Why choose Hass Plastic Surgery?

At Hass Plastic Surgery, our goal is to ensure that every procedure, no matter how complex or simple, helps our patients achieve their ultimate aesthetic goals and provides a heightened sense of confidence. Our master injectors, Coolsculpting technicians and Med Spa professionals are led by Drs. Brian and Andrea Hass, Dr. Kandace Kichler and Dr. Albert Carlotti. All at Hass Plastic surgery are committed to providing stellar patient care and stunning aesthetic outcomes so you look and feel your best.

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