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No one likes a double chin! Here's what you can do about it…

Fat under the chin is very common and affects all age groups. It's often a hereditary trait and unfortunately an area that's hard to reduce by diet or exercise. Patients over 50 who complain of this likely have some loose skin as a contributing component and may need a neck lift or facelift for complete correction. For the younger patient, who is not quite ready for surgery and has more skin elasticity, there are some great surgical and Med Spa options that work well for chin fat.

The least invasive procedure is Coolsculpting – (now the #1 non-invasive procedure for fat reduction). The technique of cryolipolysis (or Coolsculpting) works by freezing the fat in that area. The procedure uses an applicator to gently pull fatty tissue forward then panels freeze the area for 1 hour. When fat cells are frozen they die and are naturally eliminated from your body over 8 – 16 weeks. (The outer tissues are completely protected in this process.) Coolsculpting Elite can reduce the area by 20-25%, but sometimes multiple sessions may be required to yield the desired results. The nice part of this procedure is there is no downtime and no bruising or visible signs that a procedure was done on that area. Patients can resume all activities.

Another option for double-chin's is Kybella. This is a simple injection into the fatty areas under the jaw that works to dissolve fat. There may be some initial swelling during the first week that does go down with time. It is very precise, but you cannot determine exactly the amount of fat it will dissolve so many patients require multiple treatments to get their final result.

Still a gold standard for fat removal is liposuction. It is the most accurate and effective method and although surgical, it actually can be done comfortably even while awake! The only downside is some minor pain and bruising post-operatively that quickly resolves. For patients that don't mind a few bruises (which typically go away in less than a week) we highly recommend liposuction because it acts to strip that fat out completely and ultimately gives a beautiful results. For more information on these procedures, call Hass Plastic Surgery and MedSpa to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation.

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