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Implant Exchange At Hass Plastic Surgery

Natural Facelift

Facial Injectables Should Make Someone Look Natural

Executives & Plastic Surgery At Hass Plastic Surgery

Dr. Brian Hass Talks About The Reasons Patients Do Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Dr. Brian Hass Explains Different Types Of Breast Lift Surgeries, With And Without Implants

Dr. Brian Hass Discusses Submental Liposuction

Chin Augmentation Discussed By Dr. Brian Hass

Dr. Andrea Hass Explains The Use Of Botox

Dr. Brian Hass Explains The Facelift Procedure

Breast Surgery Correction With Dr. Brian Hass

Breast Reduction Explained by Dr. Brian Hass

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Andrea Hass, MD Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon

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